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So~ .... I'm back from anime next! Thanks for everyone who came out and stopped by the table, it was really fun to meet everyone! I met a lot of cool artists, too! >A</ epiiiicccc.  Let's keep on rocking in the free world, hey!!!!!!!

asdlkgsklfs I'm all wornn outttttttt



I.... also have plenty of leftover orz If you're interested, check out the info here! ( you don't have to be a member to post)

commission info
MAN MISTY on facebook
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I'll be at Anime NEXT this weekend In New Jersey with :iconshebam: and :iconstrawberryquincy: and a bunch of other friends! Come check out our table, there'll be a lot of awesome swag to pick up!!

I'll also be selling my friend MAN MISTY's debut album, POKE SONGS, Vol. 1, a 13 track 13 pokemon themed rockathon extravaganza exploding heads of epic fun!!!! (safe for kids!)

I'll be selling keychains , bookmarks and maybe even stickers! ... the leftovers will probably be available to order/buy somehow afterward, so if you're interested, keep it tuned!

I'll also be taking commissions at con so check it out!!

currently: open, but expect ~ 1 week delay because of the con.


- I'll draw ANYTHING (OC, fanart, adult, fo kids)
- ... but only for NON COMMERCIAL use, please!
- I'd prefer to us paypal for payment as I don't really know how to use anything else?!
- if you want something that's not specific to these types of art, just ask me about it, we can work it out!
- for prints/drawings IN YOUR HANDS, I can figure out price/shipping if you're interested.


full body and color, simple background (ex 1 ex2 ex3) - $12
+ add $5 for each extra character or if you want an involved background.

Chibi/key chain ( ex ) - $6 for just the digital file, $7 including hardware (making it into a keychain + mailing fee)

If interested, please contact me here or in a message, or at goodbye.haven AT .

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Well, I'm going to be selling my farts at AnimeNEXT in june/jersey with :iconshebam: and :iconstrawberryquincy:

We're near the front
gonna have a BEAUTIFUL pokemon table cloth that you can't even, it's gonna be good. I don't even know where to begin lolololol. Commissions, prints, shrinkle derps, etc.

If there's anything you want to see
You know hey, here. Orrrrr idk.

May the force be with you,

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I like to vomit. Today my papa vomited on the way home, and it was ~pink~! It smells fruity~ I hope you will be my new friend!!